Bangkok police say restaurateurs may face jail time for serving alcohol after 9pm

Police in Bangkok are warning restaurant house owners that if alcohol is served after 9pm, they may face legal action… presumably even up to a yr in jail and a fantastic as a lot as 100,000 baht.
Restaurants in the capital are allowed to serve beer, wine and cocktails up until 9pm, if they have handed standards set beneath the Safety and Health Administration or the Thai Stop Covid+ initiative. โซล่าเซลล์ who serve past the cutoff time will face costs, the Metropolitan Police Bureau introduced over the weekend.
Indoor, air conditioned restaurants are only allowed to operate at 50% of its capacity while open air eating places, or those with good air flow, are allowed to function at 75%

According to a statement from the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, entertainment venues together with pubs, bars, and karaoke venues, aren’t allowed to reopen and operators can face jail time and hefty fines if caught operating illegally..

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