Can foreigners legally develop cannabis in Thailand?

The Ministry of Public Health gave away a million cannabis plants to the people of Thailand in June for home cultivation. Free dished out the crops to have fun the removal of all elements of the hashish plant from Thailand’s list of Category 5 illicit narcotics on June 9.
The vegetation were intended to be cultivated for medicinal functions and also for use as an ingredient in cooking e.g., for further flavour in Tom Yam soup.
Female cannabis plants produce “buds” which would possibly be wealthy in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the compound that will get you “high.” Male crops do not produce buds and mostly include cannabidiol (CBD) which does not get you high but has medicinal benefits.
Growing both male and female cannabis vegetation is legal in Thailand, with conditions:
No – not until they maintain Thai citizenship.
To successfully register to grow cannabis at home via the ‘Plook Gan’ application, budding bud farmers must enter their Thai citizenship number.
The Thaiger contacted the Ministry of Public Health by way of their ‘Hemp Hotline’ to clarify the details.
The ministry mentioned, “foreigners cannot develop hashish at residence in Thailand without Thai citizenship.”
It is feasible to gain Thai citizenship as a foreigner, but it’s a tall order. You have to satisfy the following eligibility criteria…
*These usually are not required if you:
Don’t worry, foreigners can still benefit from Thailand’s liberal cannabis legal guidelines. It is completely authorized for anybody, including tourists and foreigners, to purchase cannabis in Thailand so lengthy as they are at least 20 years previous and not pregnant or breastfeeding.
If you’re going to smoke cannabis in Thailand, be sure to do it at home or at a registered venue. Smoking cannabis in public locations is still a legal offence if someone stories the smoker as inflicting a “public nuisance.” If somebody reviews you smoking cannabis in a public place, you would withstand three months imprisonment and a fantastic of up to 25,000 baht, or both..

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