Khao San cannabis vendors face charges for operating without licenses

Double involving the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine (DTTAM), Metropolitan Police Bureau, Chana Songkhram police, and City Hall staff has led to the urgent of charges against five unauthorised hashish shops situated on Khao San Road. The crackdown took place on April 20, following the postponement of ‘420’ weed parties that were intended to take place on the identical day but were later moved to June 9 after the general election.
Dr. Tewan Thaneerat, deputy director of DTTAM, expressed that the raid’s primary objective was to engage in a correct discussion with individuals and enterprise owners in regards to the cannabis use guidelines enforced by the Public Health Ministry. These guidelines embrace not selling cannabis products to students or people beneath 20 years of age, as properly as prohibiting the consumption of hashish in public locations. Thus, only those holding a allow can legally promote hashish.
Of the 14 hashish retailers working on Khao San Road, nine were discovered to have the necessary authorisation, Dr. Tewan advised Bangkok Post. However, two legally authorised shops were found to be in violation of their commerce permits. The first allowed customers to smoke hashish within the premises, while the opposite was unable to present information supporting the legality of their hashish bud sources. As a result, the licences of each establishments have been temporarily suspended. In addition, an unauthorised shop owner and two avenue food distributors were detained by the police for illegally promoting cannabis. They are because of seem in courtroom.
Dr Tewan highlighted that anyone discovered to be selling cannabis and not using a allow would face penalties, together with a possible jail sentence of as much as one 12 months and/or a fine of as much as 20,000 baht. He emphasised the significance of business owners adhering to the legislation and notifying the authorities about their cannabis usage, in addition to disseminating info on the right use of cannabis to the common public..

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