Lost and located, but not forgiven: Thai girl’s type gesture met with cell phone mayhem (video)

In a viral video seen over three.2 million instances, a Thai woman’s attempt to return a misplaced mobile phone resulted in a torrent of verbal abuse from the caller on the opposite finish of the road.
The incident, posted by a TikTok person identified as 492959kj, sparked a wave of online commentary, with many netizens criticising the caller’s behaviour and praising the woman’s persistence.
The video captioned Well-intentioned however ignored, shows the girl attempting to explain that she had discovered the mobile phone and was making an attempt to return it. However, the caller, apparently believing that the girl had stolen the phone, launched into a tirade of insults.
Despite the woman’s repeated attempts to elucidate the situation, the caller continued to berate her, leading her to exclaim, “Listen to me first! Listen to me first!”

As the verbal assault continued, the woman tried to clarify that she had found the phone near a rubbish bin and was trying to find the owner.
“I thought the proprietor was calling to retrieve his phone. His phone is behind the garbage, he can come and get it from the again of the studio. That’s what I was going to inform him. I thought it was the owner calling. Do you understand?”

The video ends with the woman hanging up, while netizens reacted with each shock and admiration to her dealing with of the scenario.
Psycho criticised the caller’s aggressive behaviour, whereas others applauded the lady for her calm response and good intentions. Some questioned whether the phone’s owner would dare to retrieve it, given the confrontation, whereas others expressed a want to see the face behind the voice, reported KhaoSod.
The lady later revealed that the phone had been successfully returned to its owner by a pal. However, the incident has sparked an ongoing on-line dialogue concerning the challenges of doing good deeds.
“It’s onerous to be an excellent person.”

“Good factor she recorded it.”

“I would have just left it where I found it.”

“They don’t hear to one another.”

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