Pattaya youths arrested after stealing motorbike for joyride

In Pattaya, two Thai youths, a 16 12 months previous and a 12 yr outdated, have been apprehended following their theft of a motorbike belonging to a local female cashier. The Pattaya Police arrived at the scene of the crime after receiving the report of the stolen bike at round three.40am this morning. The incident happened alongside the South Pattaya Road, Nong Prue sub-district, Bang Lamung district, Chon Buri province, in entrance of the Wat Chai Market, The Pattaya News reported.
Upon their arrival, the police discovered the two young suspects being surrounded by several good Samaritans, including the motorbike’s owner, recognised only as Supattra, who works as a cashier. Several people volunteered their assistance to Supattra after studying that the 2 suspects had stolen her motorcycle.
Supattra revealed that she was alerted to the theft when her neighbour called her around 3am to tell her that the thieves had made off together with her bike. Sanding chills down her spine, she rushed back to her residence to confirm that the vehicle was indeed gone. Smooth contacted the police and asked her group of pals to maintain a watch out for the thieves and to report any sightings.
Soon after, a pal of Supattra’s, 28 year old Kritsorn Sukmon, seen the two young thieves on the stolen motorbike in entrance of Wat Chai Market. Kritsorn pursued the lawbreakers, managing to apprehend them through a citizen’s arrest and knowledgeable the police of the situation.
Regarding their motives for the theft, the 2 juveniles claimed that their intent was simply to take the bike for a joyride and deliberate to return it afterwards. They had noticed the motorbike parked unattended outside Supattra’s residence and proceeded to hot-wire the car, removing its license plate to avoid detection..

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