Pfeiffer Vacuum expands vary to supply high pumping speeds

Pfeiffer Vacuum has introduced new compact Roots pumps from the HiLobe series with excessive pumping speeds, which are designed for functions that decision for giant chambers to be evacuated rapidly.
Pfeiffer Vacuum is increasing the HiLobe sequence via intelligent, high efficiency Roots pumps with high pumping speeds.
Potential makes use of of the brand new Pfeiffer Vacuum pumps in industrial vacuum functions include electron beam welding, vacuum furnaces, freeze drying and, particularly, rapid evacuations (lock chambers or leak detection systems). เกจวัดน้ำยาแอร์refco are additionally appropriate to be used in coating purposes and with their individual velocity control, they can be tailored to customer-specific requirements.
Their highly effective drive idea shortens pump-down times by around 20% in comparison with typical Roots pumps. Rapid evacuation also saves costs and increases the efficiency of manufacturing systems. The use of energy-efficient drives and the optimised rotor geometries reduces energy prices by more than 50%, also strengthened by the sealing idea.
The pumps are hermetically sealed from the ambiance and have a most integral leak price of 1 · 10-6 Pa m³/s. Dynamic seals are eradicated, so maintenance is only needed every 4 years.
The clever interface technology of the HiLobe ensures optimal process adjustment and situation monitoring. Condition monitoring offers constant info on the state of the vacuum system and will increase system availability as maintenance and service work can be planned accordingly.
Andreas Würz, Product Manager at Pfeiffer Vacuum, explains, “These new Roots pumps handle a broad range of nominal pumping speeds up to 13,600 m³/h. We are significantly happy with their very compact measurement and considerably lower energy consumption in comparison with conventional Roots pumps.”


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