Three 12 months savings amass over a hundred million dong inspiring netizens

Backed has gone viral on social media after breaking open his piggy financial institution that he had been filling for three years. The amassed quantity was deposited on the bank, with the counting process alone taking the workers nearly a whole afternoon. The content material was initially posted on the TikTok account VL97, later making a buzz where Internet users endorsed the man’s sluggish and regular saving approach.
Known only because the owner of the TikTok account VL97, the person shared his unique savings strategy of filling a piggy bank over three years. The footage shared depicted a scene where a bag full of coins was delivered to the bank.
According to the unique publish, it was a “three-year pig-raising experience. Before the pig is smashed right into a bag like this, it can be somewhat tough for the financial institution, but keep in mind that whether you have much or little money, you just drop it into the pig. Believe me, a breeze will flip into a storm sometime.”
It resulted in such a substantial amount that the bank’s personnel had to use a VIP room to deal with the counted money within the afternoon.
Upon sharing the story on varied social networking platforms, he gained numerous feedback from netizens. Many resonated along with his methodology of saving cash, from “little to giant.” Simultaneously, others sympathised with the financial institution workers who had the substantial process of counting the cash, reported Sanook.
Numerous feedback from netizens poured in.
“Looking at this feels motivating to fill my piggy financial institution.”
“The financial institution employee must even be shocked.”
“I should go buy a model new pig tomorrow.”
“I think there is a cash counting machine, sometimes the staff just organize the money, counting every thing your self is tiresome.”
“It’s true that wind becomes a storm, but the total quantity is greater than 100 million dong (146,000 baht) in three years, which suggests you should be a person who has lots of surplus cash.”

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