2 people per hour have been killed in highway accidents in Thailand in 2020

A Thai well being foundation has found that two people were killed in street accidents each hour in Thailand in 2020. ติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์ที่อยุ่อาศัย of people killed in street accidents throughout that year was 17,831. The foundation, Thai Health Promotion Foundation, said bike drivers and riders made up the 74% of fatalities.
The International Health Policy Program mentioned in its report last year that, if all pillion riders wear crash helmets, the demise toll will doubtless drop by 36%. A chairman of the Accident Prevention Support Plan mentioned the alarming numbers ought to make authorities rethink and develop measures to reduce highway accidents involving elderly people. He said regulation enforcement is too relaxed in enforcing legal guidelines, and consequences for site visitors violators vary between provinces.
Even though 70% of accidents concerned people 16-60 years previous, the number of accidents involving aged people is rising. Part of it is because Thailand is becoming an ageing society.
In January, one road demise made headlines across Thailand when a motorbike hit and killed an eye fixed physician at a zebra crossing in Bangkok. After the incident, a well being organisation and a road security organisation teamed up to research how many vehicles, motorbikes, and public vehicles stop for pedestrians at 12 zebra crossings in Bangkok. They found that altogether, 89% wouldn’t stop. For motorcycles, the speed was 92% of 6,449 bikes that wouldn’t stop. For vehicles, the speed was 86% of 7,619. For public autos it was 80% of 285.
Bangkok officials then planned to install traffic lights and surveillance cameras at one hundred zebra crossings.
In Tak province, there were 5,521 stops per a hundred,000 of the population for driving underneath the influence. 47,830 per one hundred,000 have been stopped in Tak for not sporting a crash helmet..

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