Material science of mechanical pressure switches

For Fundamentals , the careful and application-oriented selection of the materials of the parts is the key factor for selecting suitable mechanical pressure switches for the industrial machines. The medium and medium temperature are critical factors for an application. This blog post encourages users to evaluate their applications before selecting a suitable and functional mechanical … Read more

New ScrutonWell � design for thermowells

In Fulfill in order to avoid any harm to the thermowell during operation because of mechanical loads, a thermowell calculation per ASME PTC 19.3 TW-2016 is preferred for critical process conditions. In the event of a calculation with negative results, the only real constructive solution so far was to shorten the thermowell stem or to … Read more

Filling liquids in pressure gauges: Usage and advantages

Liquid-filled pressure gauges are employed in applications that involve high dynamic shock and vibration loading. The filling liquid dampens the vibrations that occur and therefore takes the load off the mechanical the different parts of the pressure gauge.Pressure gauge with filling liquid ? model 213.53Usage of filling liquidsWith respect to the operating conditions, glycerine-water mixtures … Read more

The response time behaviour of pressure sensors: How may be the response time defined and what is this is of the rise time?

The response time of pressure sensors is reflected in a lot of varying parameters, like the response time, settling time or rise time in specifications or data sheets. In general, it usually is assumed that the response time is defined as the interval required by the output signal of a pressure sensor to display a … Read more

Honoured for energy conservation: Micro Precision Products

Micro Precision Products, a division of the WIKA Group in India, has received an award for innovative and versatile application of energy conservation and energy efficiency methods. The award was presented by the German Machinery and Plant Manufacturers Association (VDMA), which has a representative office in India.The VDMA initially evaluated the nominated organisations based on … Read more

Pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC PED – Pressure limits 0.5 bar and 200 bar for pressure sensors and pressure transmitters

In connection with the pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC (PED), a pressure limit of 200 bar is often mentioned. But what does this limit mean for manufacturers and/or companies that place pressure sensors, pressure transmitters and pressure equipment on the market? Generally it can be said that, depending on the type of medium to be measured … Read more

Benefits of diaphragm pressure gauges (1): Measurement of low pressures

Excellent are considered as specialists along the way industries. They enter into play when Bourdon tube pressure gauges reach the limits of their performance. Among the benefits of diaphragm pressure gauges is the measurement of low pressures.Diaphragm pressure gauges can be recognised from the initial look: From the flanges below the case, between which the … Read more