CDI Energy Products extends WSP line

pressure gauge ไท วัสดุ , Inc. has introduced a new product line to its Tuff Breed product family of Well Service Packing (WSP) used to seal reciprocating pumps within the downhole stress pumping market.The new WSP Extreme Series options the following era of packing which makes use of fibre strengthened elastomers – Image – CDI … Read more

Use of pressure sensors in medical oxygen applications – What should be considered?

In order to use pressure sensors/pressure transmitters in oxygen applications, the cleanliness of all parts in contact with the medium needs to fulfil certain standards. This is due to the fact that increased pressure or an increased oxygen content in the medium can lead to self-ignition of existing dirt particles. เกจวัดแรงดันpsi have tackled this problem … Read more


Driving down element turnaround time whereas enhancing high quality and lowering waste is being achieved at Weir Minerals Africa’s exciting new Replicast Plant in Isando, Gauteng.Umar Smith, plant manager at Weir Minerals Africa’s Isando facility, highlights that the revolutionary improvement permits the company to supply more parts at a time – and more rapidly. This … Read more

So how exactly does a monoflange work?

Monoflanges combine the function as high as three valves in an especially compact body, because of a precise network of internal passages and valve chambers. But what really happens inside a monoflange valve, once installed?In a chemical process a higher response speed is required for some control applications. Among the variables that affect the response … Read more

The design of a submersible pressure transmitter / level probe – Part 1

A submersible pressure transmitter or level probe is a hydrostatic pressure sensor, specifically developed for the purpose of level measurement. Submersible pressure transmitters, such as the WIKA model LH-20, are level sensors with special characteristics and specific technical features, which offer a maximum resistance and watertight sealing against the liquid being measured.Basically, submersible pressure transmitters … Read more

Why use an OEM for centrifugal pump repairs?

Centrifugal pump OEMs declare they supply higher elements, service, response and worth than aftermarket service firms, but that isn’t all the time the case.Until the early Nineties, OEM repair facilities worked exclusively on their merchandise, espousing the mantra, “We know our products greatest.” During the ‘90s, a decrease in new product sales triggered OEMs to … Read more

Metso Outotec adds to mill discharge slurry pump range

pressure gauge weksler ราคา has launched the MDM900, one of the world’s largest mill discharge slurry pumps, designed for heavy-duty use in concentrator plants, to its Mill Discharge (MD) Pump Series.The new Metso Outotec MDM900 pump. – Image: Metso Outotec The MDM900 is for use the place capability and wear-resistance are essential and is an … Read more

Pressure and temperature measurement at extremely low ambient temperatures

Standard pressure gauges and thermometers generally deal with ambient temperatures down to -40 �C. But what should be the top features of a mechanical measuring instrument that works perfectly well in polar climates with even lower temperatures? This can be explained utilizing the WIKA POLARgauge� as an example. The product family has been designed specifically … Read more

Bright future

Boarding House reportsFranciscan nun Sister Mary Stella is delighted that the children of the WIKA Boarding House under her care have “a bright future” ahead of them. Our company will now be financing this institution for a further five years.The young residents receive a “wide-ranging and ambitious education” and later are sent to a state … Read more

Dual range pistons for pressure calibration

Dual piston deadweight testers can greatly enhance a lab?s ability to calibrate wide pressure ranges with the best accuracy. With transducers and devices under test (DUTs) that have a wide measuring range, calibration can be quite a lengthy process, as you need to change pistons among test points so that you can calibrate its entire … Read more