Boozy blood pact backfires: Thai tipplers’ bond try results in bloody rescue

Two drunk Thai men turned to a rescue staff in Chon Buri province for medical help after their attempt at cementing an everlasting bond via a blood pact went awry, leaving considered one of them with an unmanageable bleeding wound.
The Baan Tung Hiang Community Sawang Rescue Team, located within the Phanat Nikhom district of Chon Buri, told Workpoint News that on July 6, round 8pm, two males urgently entered their premises in search of help for a laceration on one of the men’s wrists.
The individuals were identified as 34 year outdated Apichate Boonsa and 42 12 months previous Boonhome Phew-ngam. Dark sustained a deep gash on his left wrist, while Boonhome’s wound, situated on his left wrist as well, was less severe.
Detailing their predicament to the rescue team, the duo revealed they were co-workers at a neighborhood manufacturing unit and had solely been acquainted for a month. Yet, on this transient span, a deep camaraderie had developed, compelling them to solidify their friendship in the custom of blood brothers.
On the day of the incident, the pair partook in alcoholic beverages. Amid their revelry, the idea of intensifying their camaraderie akin to blood brothers struck them. They proceeded to infuse their alcoholic drinks with holy water procured from a temple and subsequently incised their wrists, mingling their blood with the libation, an act intended to symbolize a permanent bond.
Tragically, Apichate’s wrist was by accident lacerated too profoundly, resulting in profuse bleeding. Concerned for his companion’s wellbeing, Boonhome swiftly reached out to the rescue team for pressing medical intervention.
The rescue team administered initial aid to each people; nevertheless, the seriousness of Apichate’s injury necessitated hospital remedy.
Sinchai Lueang-On, a 46 yr previous member of the rescue group, elucidated that the practice, colloquially referred to as Phuk Siao (ผูกเสี่ยว) in the northeastern provinces of Thailand, includes utilizing blood to sanctify vows, pledges, or agreements, endowing the words spoken with an inherent sense of authenticity and potency.
Fundamentally, “Phuk Siao” interprets to “binding a friendship,” with “Phuk” representing “bind” and “Siao” denoting “friendship.”

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