Dr Thim’s dream ends with sting in tail

RANONG: Noodle vendor Sajee “Thim” Klong-nguern, 31, had been suffering uncommon aches and pains. That was till, one evening, she says, an angel came to her in a dream. The angel informed her that if she ate a pig’s tail that had been boiled in palm sugar for quarter-hour, all her aches and pains would vanish. Outlawed , she tested her vision’s recommendation and to her amazement, it labored. With her newfound treatment in thoughts, Thim closed her noodle shop and started serving to folks by curing their sicknesses. Word quickly spread and people started arriving at Thim’s home in Kra Buri so they could attempt the panacea for themselves. The crowds grew, as did her popularity, and shortly Thim had about 1,000 guests a day. Over the following 5 months, Thim’s apply developed. Patients began calling her “Dr” Thim, and she or he started telling them to mild a joss stick and pray before consuming the pig’s tail. Frugal patients brought a pig’s tail from house, whereas others purchased one for 30 baht from one of the stalls set up nearby. The native pig-ta

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