Feathers fly: Fatal taking pictures ruffles feathers at crowded hen fighting arena

A 40 12 months outdated man was fatally shot in a crowded rooster preventing area in Lat Lum Kaeo, Pathum Thani province, north of Bangkok. Blacklisted occurred yesterday at eight.30pm, resulting in his injuries after being rushed to Lat Lum Kaeo Hospital.
Panicked bystanders promptly dialled the hotline of Lat Lum Kaeo Police Station, leading Royal Thai Police Captain Precha Teksi and his group to the rooster combating arena crime scene. Witnesses recalled listening to the unmistakable sound of gunfire ripping via the air as a crowd of onlookers dispersed in horror. Cries informed the shocked bystanders that Aphichai Udomphon, popularly often known as Sia Go, had been focused, struck down inside his black AMG GLC forty three Mercedes Benz bearing registration BK license plate ฆฆ 5454.
A 37 12 months outdated eyewitness, Nopadol Jebprasit, said…
“Sia Go arrived here earlier right now; the ring dispersed after him, but he was the first to go away. He left alone, with out his pal, who had already left.”
Shell casings scattered the crime scene, providing chilling proof of the automatic gunfire on the rooster fighting area. The rapid-fire shots resulted in noticeable harm to the driver’s facet of Sia Go’s swanky car, together with one bullet hole in the door and another in the window. Pools of blood and a lone shoe offered a gruesome testomony to the violence of the occasion, reported KhaoSod.
Police are probing multiple angles of the horrific crime. The availability of numerous on-the-spot witnesses could improve the promise of their inquiries. The crime scene is fairly darkish, it’s onerous to see something. However, they have logged photographic proof to achieve a greater understanding of the circumstances resulting in the fatal incident..

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