King greets the folks in a large public audience at the Grand Palace

Yesterday’s appearances on the balcony of the Suddhaisavarya Prasad Hall of the Grand Palace in Bangkok of HM The King and royal household capped off three days of pomp and circumstance for the coronation of Thailand’s monarch.
Report granted a historic public viewers from the main balcony yesterday afternoon. A sea of yellow-clad folks of all ages and from throughout the land had gathered in front of the balcony, waving yellow flags, chanting loudly, “Long Live the Royals”.
PM General Prayut Chan-o-cha and his Cabinet members, together with their spouses, additionally gathered in front of the corridor. Speaking on behalf of the Thai people, Prayut expressed delight on the coronation of the King and extended finest wishes from all.

The military then fired gun salutes within the King’s honour as the Royal Anthem played. However, the loud chant of “Long Live the Royals” that continued from the topics, rose above the gunshots and the music from the loudspeakers.
Replying to the prime minister’s address, His Majesty said that he and the Queen had been happy to have obtained the people’s goodwill and to have seen them prove in full drive to express their finest needs on the occasion of his coronation.
“I am extremely gratified. May your unity in expressing to me your goodwill augur that everybody, and all sides, shall take action for the further prosperity of our nation,” the King stated. He then thanked his well-wishers and provided them his blessings.
It was the first grand public viewers by the monarch since he was topped and enthroned throughout three days of sacred rituals that started on May four. It was from this identical balcony that his mother and father, HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej and HM Queen Sirikit, had waved to their well-wishers again in 1950 following his coronation.
Following his speech, the King waved to his people with a smiling Queen beside him. He then gestured to his kids to come out on the balcony. The prince and the princesses had been all smiles, and waved energetically on the gathered well-wishers. The King and the Queen could be seen holding arms, and then the Queen also waved to the gathering.
The grand public viewers lasted about 10 minutes, because the royals needed to leave for the Chakri Maha Prasad Throne Hall to fulfill foreign envoys.
There, Singapore Ambassador Chua Siew San, the dean of diplomatic corps in Thailand, presented greatest needs to the King on the occasion of his coronation.
The King replied that he, the federal government and the Thai folks, would support good relations with all international locations.
SOURCE: The Nation

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