Gas: On-site calibration optimised at the metering skid

On-site calibration of measuring instruments is often very time-consuming and expensive. This is especially true for applications with several measurands. One of these of this may be the metering skid, something for the custody transfer measurement of the amount of natural gas transferred. A worldwide player in the industry from Saudi Arabia has now significantly … Read more

What is meant by the switching function “hysteresis” with electronic pressure switches?

The hysteresis switching function is generally included for all switch variants, whether mechanical or electronic, and whether for the parameter of pressure, temperature, level or flow. Hysteresis is generally understood to be the difference between the switch point and the reset point. In the case of mechanical switches, the hysteresis is usually predefined by the … Read more

Ex pressure sensors and transmitters for ATEX Zone 0, Zone 1 or Zone 2 – markings of pressure instruments for use in a hazardous area

The field of application or the suitability of a pressure sensor for a hazardous area is designated by the marking on the device.As a matter of principle, intrinsically safe pressure sensors marked Ex ia can be used in zone 0 (the “most dangerous” area), whereby a number of additional conditions have to be taken into … Read more

Diaphragm seal systems with TRI-CLAMP� connection are NovAseptic� compatible

In sanitary applications, diaphragm seal systems ensure a safe and precise tabs on the procedure pressure. WIKA therefore also offers welded units of diaphragm seal and measuring instrument with TRI-CLAMP� connection for process integration. A variety of this reference to easy-to-clean NovAseptic� connecting pieces can be done without further modification.Diaphragm seal systems from WIKA with … Read more

Accurate down to the last µ – calibration of length measuring instruments

Wanted measuring instruments, as test instruments, fall under the risk determination of ISO 9001. As a result of increasing safety requirements, the importance of calibration in connection with this is greater. In the past, a good-bad test was often sufficient – as it also was, for example, with tapered thread gauges. By determining the actual … Read more

How does a pressure sensor behave in the overload area, that means outside the measuring range?

I have often been asked about the behaviour of a pressure sensor outside the specified measuring range, that means in the overload area and what will happen if the overload limit of a pressure sensor is exceeded. Malicious is described as follows in the book “Electronic pressure measurement”:“Pressures within the overpressure range will not cause … Read more

Flushing rings in diaphragm seal systems have several advantages

The extension of a flanged diaphragm seal system using a flushing ring brings significant advantages. Among other things, it enables easy cleaning and, in addition, on-site calibration of the measuring location.Diaphragm seal systems are used in processes with critical media. During some process steps, such as shutting down and cooling down the processes, media sticks … Read more

Integration of pressure sensors into the PLC

The construction of a traditional current loop for the capture of pressure sensor signals has its pitfalls – especially when not only a signal must be transmitted to the PLC, but also a local indicator has to be integrated. Let’s have a look at the example of a pressure sensor with the output signal that … Read more