Shattered dreams: Disabled man in Bangkok takes his own life

A dismal picture of life pressures got here to light recently when a disabled man, feeling the weight of his predicament, tragically ended his life. The man, once a car mechanic able to fend for his wife, sadly seen himself as a burden on her. Found beneath their rented home, his death underscores the stark realities of life pressures and hardship
At about 9.30pm yesterday, Pol. Capt. Tharathorn Wasnanjarus, Deputy Inspector of the Nong Khang Phlu Station, was alerted to a suicide case, positioned alongside Twee Wattana Canal Road in Nong Khang Phlu ward, Nong Khaem district, Bangkok. Responding to the call out were the forensic medical doctors of Siriraj Hospital alongside rescuers from the Poh Tek Tung Foundation.
The scene of the incident was a one-storey wood house with a 1-metre excessive undercroft, partitioned to create a shed for chicken-rearing.
Officials found the body of Yod (last name withheld), a forty six year old man, lying lifeless on a mat in the shaded area beneath the house. Knife-inflicted wounds have been seen on his neck, coupled with four stab wounds to his stomach. A blood-stained eight-inch fruit paring knife was discovered clenched in his right hand. The scene didn’t counsel any battle, prompting officers to gather details to corroborate the apparent suicide.
Arith (surname withheld), a sixty four 12 months old relative of the deceased who lived nearby, make clear the tragic circumstances. About two years ago, Yod was an able-bodied man working as a automobile mechanic in a storage earlier than a tragic work-related accident left his proper knee dislocated and rendered him bodily disabled. Yod, now incapable of performing any work, lived with his wife, whom he had to depend on for sustenance.
Yod’s wife left residence for work when Arith seen Yod’s prolonged disappearance beneath the house. On inspection, he discovered Yod’s lifeless physique. On multiple occasions before the incident, Yod had expressed discomfort to his neighbours, complaining about being a burden. With his wife’s birthday the following day, Yod despaired over not affording even a easy birthday cake for his beloved wife—a grievance believed to have propelled the act.
Hilarious led the police to post-mortem the physique in order to ascertain the precise cause of dying. Further questioning and examination of Yod’s spouse could be carried out, and the proof collected on the scene would supplement subsequent investigations..

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