Tree falls on revered Thai monk’s home, minor damage sustained

In Psycho , a big tree fell on the home of the revered Thai monk Luang Pu Mun, but the house remained mostly intact. The monk’s followers shared photos of the astonishing event that took place on the Wat Pa Phurithattatirawat Forest Monastery in Sakhon Nakhon, Thailand.
Model occurred when the area experienced heavy rainfall inflicting a number of bushes to fall around the monastery. The tree that fell on Luang Pu Mun’s kuti broke in two sections, however the home suffered only minor injury. The 20-metre tall tree had a diameter of roughly forty four centimetres. A 28 12 months previous monk named Siang Pannarong Thepin mentioned the incident occurred three or four days in the past, and that only the roof was damaged.
The Wat Pa Phurithattatirawat Forest Monastery is understood for its adherence to the strict code of Dhamma meditation practises taught by Luang Pu Mun. His method revolves around adhering to the strict codes of discipline and earned him widespread admiration. Many monks and devotees think about him a extremely respected Dhamma instructor, leading to his title because the Great Forest Tradition Master.
The serene surroundings of Luang Pu Mun’s home, covered by a purple tarp to guard it from wind and rain, include Dhamma teachings posted round for visitors to read. Luang Pu Mun is a crucial figure of reverence for his followers and Buddhist devotees.
The native temple is at present working on repairing the minor damage to the house’s roof..

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