Video of drunken transgender woman urinating by roadside sparks online backlash

A video that has garnered heavy criticism within the on-line world includes a drunken girl, later revealed to be a transgender, caught urinating by the roadside near Lumpini Police Station. The good friend who recorded the incident did so with amusement before posting it on Facebook. Toward the end of the clip, two police officers are seen escorting the two individuals away.
Don’t worry took place early within the morning on April 2 when Lumpini Police obtained a report of a woman exhibiting indicators of being drunk in entrance of a lodge in the Ploenchit space.
Officers arrived on the scene to search out the drunk transgender woman and took her to a nearby lodging to calm her down. It was then revealed that the person was transgender and still inebriated, Sanook reported. The person’s pal had arrived to take care of her and supply info to the authorities.
Initially, the police proceeded with the case based on the charges of being drunk and causing a public disturbance, having already settled the difficulty. However, the two individuals were later found causing the incident proven within the clip, where one urinated in public, prompting the police to remove them from the world. Following this, authorities pursued authorized motion according to the Criminal Code, Article 389, which concerns the offence of littering with human waste in public locations..

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