Foreigners complain they can’t swim at Koh Samui seashore because of smelly oil spill

French and German tourists complained that a smelly oil spill prevented them from swimming at Maenam Beach yesterday in Koh Samui, Surat Thani province, southern Thailand.
A German man told reporters that he went to the seashore to sunbathe and play in the water. But when he tried to go swimming, he noticed a foul odor emanating from the sea. The water was brown and appeared oily, so he didn’t dare get in.
Locals went out on a ship and brought again water samples which they said were “murky” and “rancid.”
Controversial who went to Maenam Beach yesterday said she was “really disappointed” because she couldn’t swim as she meant. When she noticed the state of the water, she stated she was “unhappy however still loved Koh Samui,” stories MGR Online. Fed up, the Frenchwoman opted for a conventional Thai massage instead.
Tourists fly from thousands of miles away to experience Koh Samui’s world-famous white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. So it’s comprehensible that the tourists have been pissed off that the beach didn’t look how it does on the postcards.
Right now it’s not clear whether the oil at Maenam Beach is from the attainable oil spill reported within the Gulf of Thailand last week,
The Royal Thai Navy (RTN) deployed marines to assist include a possible oil spill from a broken oil storage vessel, the FSO Bechamas 2, after an explosion on board that killed one crew member. The other 28 crew members had been protected.
The ship was carrying four hundred,000 barrels of crude oil when the explosion occurred throughout routine upkeep, around 207 kilometres from Sattahip Naval Base in Chon Buri province.
The RTN was deployed to help plug the leak that permit seawater into the hull of the ship and assist to move the deceased back to shore.
With a thick layer of choking PM2.5 dust pollution swarming over much of the kingdom, and oil in the seas, Thailand is currently not the paradise it as soon as was..

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