Nightlife note: College director denies teacher’s resignation over moonlight melodies in Thailand

Bootleg in Yala, southern Thailand, denied that a female teacher was pressured to resign for singing part-time at a bar at evening for breaching professional ethics. The lady, often known as “Teacher Jane,” hit out, accusing the director of twisting the reality.
The director of Phadungpracha Yala Vocational College denied pressuring “Teacher Jane” to resign due to her part-time singing job. The college’s stance is that they didn’t impede her and even supported her in earning extra earnings, as lengthy as it didn’t affect her main obligations.
“Teacher Jane” contradicted this and later shared a news publish alongside her statement.
In her publish, she refutes the director’s claims, highlighting the challenges she confronted working for the school and clarifying that her singing actions don’t intrude together with her instructing duties. She additionally emphasises the necessity to bring the reality to gentle, quite than making accusations without examining available evidence.
She said…
“Thank you for all of the comments. I now need to reveal the truth, and please don’t make assumptions. The director is sixty eight years previous and he mustn’t distort the truth and blame me for every thing. He needs to level out my resignation and sick go away paperwork. I have worked like a slave for seven days a week. Not solely that, I actually have solely three days of sick leave per academic yr.
“Stop accusing me. I’m not a full-time instructor and don’t have any influence on instructing. I don’t sing every single day, and I solely take jobs at an hourly fee as I please. I even have never neglected my primary job. Also, I want you to take a glance at my sick leave requests in cases of treatment allergic reactions and other work outdoors. You’re superb at disputing. Not solely that, you can’t even enter those places if you’re not over 20 years outdated. Think about it.”

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