Deadly jealousy: Thai man’s jealousy leads to homicide of employee’s spouse

A tragic incident unfolded as a Thai man’s jealousy led to a deadly end result, ensuing in the murder of his female employee’s husband. The horrifying incident occurred after the deceased Thai man accused the perpetrator of having an affair with his spouse and tried to assault him with a knife.
Upon receiving notification of the murder, officers from Takhli Police Station swiftly initiated an investigation on the scene. The incident transpired at a home in Soi Tawee Chai 7, located within the Takhli district of Nakhon Sawan, a central province in Thailand. The home-owner, a 79 yr previous man named Teekia Saesue, awaited the arrival of the police on the premises.
Upon arrival, officers found the lifeless physique of a fifty two year old man recognized as Tone. Tone had suffered a fatal wound to his head and was found mendacity in a pool of blood. Adjacent to him was his side-car motorcycle.
During the following investigation, Teekia admitted to the Thai man’s homicide. He revealed that the sufferer, Tone, harboured emotions of jealousy and accused Teekia of partaking in a romantic relationship together with his 50 12 months outdated spouse, Maew, who was additionally employed by Teekia.
Teekia explained that he had hired Maew to construct a chicken coop at his residence. Amidst her work, Tone unexpectedly arrived overwhelmed by jealousy and chaos ensued. Tone directly confronted Teekia, accusing him of using the pretext of the hen coop construction to rendezvous with Maew and engage in a sexual affair.
Teekia recounted that he vehemently denied the allegations and urged Tone to depart. However, the confrontation escalated when Tone approached Teekia brandishing a knife. Fearing for his life, Teekia grabbed a hoe in a split-second choice and struck the Thai man on the top two to three times. The influence brought on Tone to break down and tragically led to his demise.
Maew, the wife caught in the middle of the altercation, informed authorities that her intoxicated state rendered her unable to intervene during the altercation between Teekia and her jealous husband.
Teekia’s daughter disclosed that the incident was a stunning turn of occasions, as her father and the couple had a detailed relationship. Her father even used to cook for Tone during his bouts of sickness.
Discount but filed any costs in opposition to Teekia, however they assured that justice might be served to all parties concerned. Teekia was taken to the police station for additional questioning, because the investigation seeks to uncover the truth behind this tragic affair..

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