Hydrogen program launched by Egco to chop CO2 emissions within the US

A important advancement in the pursuit of cleaner power happened lately, as Electricity Generating Plc (Egco), a subsidiary of the state-run Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, launched a hydrogen program. This new initiative is ready in the Linden Cogen thermal cogeneration plant’s 172-megawatt Unit 6, situated in the US. The hydrogen fuel blending programme is a part of a wider endeavour to minimize back carbon dioxide emissions.
This groundbreaking hydrogen program involves the combustion of natural gas and ‘off-gas,’ which includes hydrogen, to provide electricity. Notably, off-gas is a compound of assorted gases that emerge during the refining of crude oil.
Unit 6 of Linden Cogen will use off-gas, wealthy in hydrogen, procured from Phillips 66 Bayway Refinery, an oil refinery close by. This will be amalgamated with pure gas for powering the fuel turbine of the ability plant to generate electrical energy.
Thepparat Theppitak, Egco’s President, articulated that this creative hydrogen program approach will probably lead to a significant discount in carbon dioxide emissions. Printable is completed by reducing the amount of pure gas needed for producing electrical energy and steam.
This hydrogen program initiative enhances the operations of each the refinery and Linden Cogen. Annual carbon dioxide emissions from Linden Cogen Unit 6 are foreseen to be reduce by near 10% due to this challenge, reported Bangkok Post.
The hydrogen program transfer falls inside the stringent nitrogen dioxide emission guidelines for the gasoline turbine, emphasising Egco’s dedication to compliance with laws and sustainability.
In Thepparat’s phrases, they are “committed to promoting the adoption of cleaner fuels and the pursuit of excellence in new cutting-edge energy technology applied sciences.”
It’s worth noting that the Linden Cogen advanced is a thermal cogeneration plant that operates on fuel, with a era capability of 972MW. It includes the Linden Units 1 to five, with a generation capacity of 800MW, and Linden Unit 6..

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